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Liftmaster 976LM Security+ Wireless Keypad
Manufacturer: Liftmaster


This Model Is Discontinued. Please see Liftmaster 877MAX Wireless Entry System as a possible replacement.

LiftMaster 976lm Wireless Keyless Entry System with Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding. Operates at 390 mhz. Easy mounting to your garage door jamb with just 2 screws.
Price: $33.50
Out of Stock

Liftmaster 377LM Security+ Wireless Keyless Entry System
Manufacturer: Liftmaster


LiftMaster 377LM Wireless Keyless Entry System with Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding Lets you open your garage door without remote control or keys. The 377LM also Features a temporary password option to let you give friends, relatives or maintenance people limited access.
Price: $34.14

Liftmaster 387LM Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
Manufacturer: Liftmaster


LiftMaster 387LM Universal Keyless Entry System - If you need to replace a damaged or non-functioning keyless entry, or just want to complement your existing garage access system, the new LiftMaster® Universal Keyless Entry is the perfect single-source solution. It is designed to work with a variety of brands of garage door openers to give you convenient, secure access to your garage and home. And as with all our LiftMaster products, delivers the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.
Price: $39.00

Linear AK-11 Stand Alone Digital keypad With Up To 480 User Codes
Manufacturer: Linear


The Linear AK-11 is an outdoor digital keypad designed for keyless access control applications. This unit comes in a rugged aluminum casing that can bolt to a wall or be mounted on a pedestal. Has up to 480 programmable codes and two LED indicators to show system status.
Price: $176.00

Manufacturer: Linear


This item is currently on back-order. Please see model (LINEAR-AK-11) as a possible replacement.

The Linear AK-21W Weather Resistant Outdoor Digital Keypad is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure. Keys feature bright yellow graphics for ease of use. Holds up to 480 entry codes, each up to 6 digits. Mounts in a single gang box using security screws. All tools are included.
Price: $115.00
Out of Stock

Manufacturer: Linear


The Linear AK-31 is a digital keypad meant for interior use. Up to 480 user codes are programmable with up to 6 digits each. Has a rugged plastic enclosure with aluminum keys that feature bright yellow numbers for ease of use.
Price: $79.50

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