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Manufacturer: Elite


Elite AH102 UHMV Wheel - 4" V-Groove hard plastic wheel. Single wheel. 750 lbs. capacity per wheel.
Price: $25.50

Elite AH107 Power Wheel - 4" V-Groove Wheels
Manufacturer: Elite


Elite AH107 Power Wheel - Pair of 4" solid steel, gold zinc plated groove wheels with ball bearings. Weight Capacity: 3,000 lbs. per wheel.
Price: $76.00

Elite AH110 Power Wheel - 6" V-Groove Wheel
Manufacturer: Elite


Elite AH110 Power Wheel - Single 6" solid steel, gold zinc plated groove wheel with ball bearings.
Price: $65.00

Elite AH113 Power Wheel2 - 6" V-Groove Wheel
Manufacturer: Elite


Elite AH113 Power Wheel2 - Single 6" solid steel, heat treated groove wheel with ball bearings. The Elite AH113 Power Wheel 2 has a bolt size 0.625 x 3.25 with nut sealed bearing.
Price: $110.00

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